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Wobbel | Which Wobbel should I choose?

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Balance board, swing board, lounge board, elephant, fitness or race track...

What is a Wobbel?

The Wobbel is a balance board for both young and old. A wobble stimulates movement and motor skills. Children are naturally very resourceful and immediately know what to do with such a balance board. The Wobbel can be used by both children and adults for gymnastics or physical exercises, yoga and balance exercises. There are quite a few gymnastics exercises you can do with a wobble board or balance board. The Wobbel is suitable for all ages from 0 to 99 years. Toddlers obviously play with it differently than adults. The Wobbel Original and Pro with felt are CE approved and can be used from 0 years. The Wobbel Original with cork is also CE approved and can be used from 3 years of age.

The Wobbel Original and Pro are CE approved up to 200 kilos. They are 90 centimeters long and 30 centimeters wide. The Wobbel Starter is CE approved up to 100 kilos. This is 70 centimeters long and 27.5 centimeters wide. Enough space for an adult or a child.

Wobbel only uses the best materials, making it a very durable and beautiful product. Children or adults never get tired of it because they always see new possibilities. Moreover, a balance board can be passed on from parent to child and generation to generation.

The Wobbel brand works and produces with the best wood bending factory in Europe. The Wobbel is made of sustainably pressed FSC European beech wood and is treated with child-friendly lacquers and stains. Even the wool felt and sustainable cork are natural products.

1. How much does a Wobbel cost?

The price of a Wobbel starts at 79 euros (Wobbel Starter). Our webshop contains several models of balance boards. You will certainly find a balance board that suits your home.

2.How many kilos can a Wobbel carry?

The Wobbel Original and Pro are CE approved up to 200 kilos. The Wobbelbord Starter is approved up to 100 kilos.

3.Why is cork only suitable from the age of 3?

The smallest children can start picking at the Wobbel. If they swallow the cork there is a risk of choking. Then a balance board with felt is a better and safer choice. A manual is always supplied with your Wobbel.

4.I have a certain floor in my house. What's best?

For hard floors such as laminate, wood, stone, tiles and linoleum, it is better to use the Wobbel with felt or cork. This protects both the balance board and the floor and makes less noise. For vulnerable floors, a rug or play mat is always recommended. With a carpet as a surface, you can choose not to place anything under the Wobbel.

5.The difference between wool felt and pressed felt?

The Wobbel Oringinal is finished with wool felt. Wool felt is made from natural felt and without nasty chemicals. It is wear-resistant, protects your floor and your Wobbel and is sound-absorbing. There are 6 colors of standard felt. Look here in our webshop for all the options. Wool felt is slightly more expensive but works the same as pressed felt.

The Wobbel Pro is finished with pressed felt made from PET bottles. That is why the Wobbel Pro is very suitable for intensive use. Just like the wool felt, it reduces noise and is protective for your floor and balance board. Pressed felt is slightly cheaper but certainly just as good as wool felt.

6.How to maintain a Wobbel?

It is best to clean your Wobbel with a damp cloth or very mild soap and then rub it dry very well. It is best to vacuum the cork and felt of your balance board and clean it with a slightly damp cloth and possibly ox gall soap.


 You can find a wide range of sustainable Wobbel balance boards here.

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